Friday, June 18, 2010

Can't Stop,Wont Stop!

Here are more from the dancin machine project, enjoy! Playlist: MIA,LCD Soundsystem,SantiGold,Hot Chip, Daft Punk...and on and on till the break of dawn...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


An abundance of my work is based on the ideas of identity,role reversal,and "the self portrait", and the exploration of the self. I noticed as i scanned in this roll of film I had grease on my finger and quickly cleaned my negative. I then thought isn't this exactly what an artist does, adds his/her "thumbprint" to their particular medium...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Keeps It Movin'

It's humorous sometimes when you decide to do something and you are not sure why. I cannot explain it to people, family,friends,or even people who are informed about my artwork why I am doing my Dancin' Machine project. " What the hell are you doin that for?" That is the usual reaction. There are times when you just need to flesh things out and see how it plays out. When the dust settles and all is said and done I hope that there is some resolve in the work. For now though, I find it equal parts ridiculous and therapeutic. That is about all I can ask for in my artwork!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dancin' Dancin' Dancin'

Here is another sampling from my Dancin' Machine body of work...Playlist changes: I believe it was: Bad Brains, MF Doom, Mos Def, etc...

Thursday, June 3, 2010


The way an artist works is his/her process:

proc·ess·es: 1. A series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result. Go to tryharderblogspot, look at ARt in America, examine what is going on in MFA programs and so much of what is produced is heavily based on theory: Benjamin, Baudelaire, etc. which is fine with me. I read and examined that stuff while in school too, but what gives? The work still needs to be good...I feel that a lot of artists especially early on, use theory as a crutch. "So... I have this super heady Art theory from the late 1890's, throw in some art speak jargon and then paste up some cut up strips of foam, mannequin parts, and a looped sound piece." That to me is not Art. There still needs to be the skill of the Artist involved. Painters, photographers, graphic designers, filmmakers, remember: "You can't polish a turd."