Thursday, June 30, 2011

A New New Leaf

Ha. So now that i haven't posted in almost a year, back to back posts baby. I find the summer a time for love,loss, and hastiness. I watch the sands in the hourglass continue to slip through the gap and days and weeks whizz by and elude me. As a "working artist" that has to "work" summer time is the catch-all time of the year when all those ideas written down in that little black mole-skin notepad can go from fantasy to reality.
Although the reality of it is that there is never enough time. Bills,life,wife, bbq's,family,friends,work,work,weekend,shit,shower,shave, get the point.

I live vicariously through my younger and more talented friends. Hungry and eager and ready to leap head first into the hipster shark tank that is the L.A. photo scene, only to come to the surface unscathed with stories to tell. Which ultimately leads me to my long drawn out point. Watching contemporary artists (really contemporary, people in their twenties and thirties: I'm not talking about Terry Richardson,La Chapelle, Wolfgang,etc.) coming up in the Art world is amazing,exciting, and inspiring. I see the trend that a fair amount of them both male and female are coming out of the skate, youth, punk scene. Being part of all of that growing up and still part of it (even if it is part-time) I feel inspired that my time will come like so many of us making artwork only to have it live under our beds unmounted waiting for a show or a break. To those still waiting make it happen for yourself and keep on keeping on.
Bob Flowers deflowers the powers that be...It's nice to have friends in high places oh and low places too...
Thanks for keeping me hungry even when i thought I was full.

Go to and watch scott pommier and the rest actually. This is an amazing website! They have a good mix of contemporary and seasoned veterans here for all those that are still thirsty.

new Life Blood!

Wow has it really been almost a year. Anyway I have had my lil website thingy up ( so its been slow to get stuff on the blog. Always making work though. Going to graduate school and need to stay on the grind! Here is some new work to keep things moving forward. Still continuing my self-portrait work along with some street stuff coming soon...Enjoy!